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For 4 generations, Hirose Family has concentrated on dyeing Edo Komon kimono and other related items.
It would not have been possible without generous and passionate support from everyone involved, and we are very grateful.
Hirose Dyeworks is committed to innovating and handing over this precious Japanese traditional culture Edo Komon for future generations to come.


1893 First Generation Kanichi Hirose born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan
1918 Hirose Dyeworks set up in Meguro-ku, Tokyo

Hirose Dyeworks moves to Nakaochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo, where it is now.

1950 Started dyeing neckties
1960 "Double Shark" dyeing method, typical of Hirose Dyeworks, developed.
1970 Started dyeing kimono for Kabuki Actors, including Kataoka Nizaemon and Onoe Shoroku
2006 "Komon Hirose" brand established
2011 Stole brand "comment?" established
2014 Edo Komon lecture and demo at MAISON DES CANUT in Lyon, France.
2014 Exhibited at Premiere Vision Maison d'Exception in Paris.
2018 100th Anniversaty Exhibition of Hirose Dyeworks held at EYE OF GYLE in Aoyama, Tokyo



Hirose Kanichi second from right



Name HIROSE SENKOJO (Hirose Dyeworks)
Address 4-32-5 Nakaochiai, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Phone Number


Fax +81-3-3951-2155
E-mail info@komonhirose.co.jp
Official Website http://komonhirose.co.jp/